Samen in leiderschap

Casa 19

We are a group of professionals seeking to strengthen the collaborative capacity between many leaders, for our children and our planet. By helping to define an organizational vision for leadership, setting up leadership programs and experiences, facilitating team leadership and coaching leaders individually. We are convinced that leadership belongs to everyone and everyone has a superpower as a leader. That requires space in which people discover their leadership, from themselves and the collective interest. We do that in an activating, inviting way and with 19 insights about leadership.

The story of the 19 thoughts

2009. Many organizations experience a lack of leadership. Employees are dissatisfied with how they are led. Team leaders and managers feel "stuck in the middle. Leaders at the top are frustrated by their managers' lack of strategic ability and entrepreneurship. Customers complain of paternalistic and/or bureaucratic treatment. At the same time, organizations and teams are investing in talent and leadership models and processes. In fact, it seems as if the leadership crisis increases the more it is invested in. What was happening?

Two things. First, the narrowing of the idea of leadership to formal positions and roles of power. Whereas leadership and "having power" are different things. Not all leaders have formal power and vice versa. This means that more people, regardless of rank or position, can be invited to show leadership in order to strengthen collective leadership. Second. Leadership is shared. Organizations flourish because a group of leaders lead together for the greater good. Being a strong, individual leader is not enough.

From these observations, the 19 thoughts were designed. Based on science and real-life stories. They introduce leadership as an aspirational idea that makes life and work exciting and valuable to pursue. Always from one's own leadership capacity as well as from the collective interest. The first version of the 19 thoughts in 2011 went viral. Since then we have continued to update them, becoming more precise and clear on how they can be used in teams and organizations. After the second in 2013, the third in 2017, we have now the fourth version of the 19 thoughts and the new book 'On leadership' (currently being translated in EN).  This is our playground for our leadership work.